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Choosing the right option is crucial to finding the right buyer and creating the most competition. With the market picking up there are several options available to you. Trish can guide you in making the right decision to suit your property and your timeline. 

Price point

Simply putting the property on the market with a price. It’s the most tried and true method of sale that still accounts for approximately half of our sales. Positives are that it is easily understood and very comfortable for the buyers. Negatives are that it attracts conditional offers and places a ceiling price on the property. However, putting too high a price on your property could result in a longer period of time on the market, and a lower actual selling price.

Trish provides extremely accurate price guides for vendors. Get a reliable assessment of your property! 

Set date of sale

A form of non-priced marketing where we encourage offers to be submitted by or before a given date. Offers can be unconditional or conditional and can be presented at anytime. Positives for the seller are that it is a private practice, similar to a tender, and allows you to pick and choose between offers. However you may find yourself in a difficult position of having to choose between offers of differing quality and likelihood of success. Negatives are that it is a non-emotive form of selling, confusing for first time buyers and may be viewed a little suspiciously as it is not as transparent as an auction.

Trish has an average selling time of 45 days for this type of marketing. 


The most competitive form of non-priced sale with buyers being encouraged to compete to secure the property. Positives are the enhancement of competition in an open forum, no ceiling on price and most significantly the high chance of an unconditional sale in a four week marketing period. Negatives are that it is a public event and to ensure maximum participation we suggest a more extensive promotional campaign is undertaken.

Trish has a 90% success rate when selling homes at auction. Many exceeding the sellers expectations! 

By negotiation

Non priced marketing without any date can be stressful and drawn out. Probably the most ineffective form of selling with the lowest chance of success, this offers prospective buyers no motivation to purchase and low attention rates compared with other selling options. Often construed poorly by the public as a suspicious form of selling. 

Trish can answer any of your queries and guide you to a successful result. 

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