Marketing advice to sell your home

Why risk it by cutting corners?

Talk to Trish about what marketing suits your needs! 


Presenting your home with quality marketing should not be seen as a cost, but as an investment in the profits. The family home is the last remaining tax haven in New Zealand - all profits are tax free. You don’t have many opportunities like this to increase your wealth.


Marketing your property

Since your home is on the market in competition with others and not in isolation, we want your home to get noticed! Trish explains, "I'll make your property shine by developing a successful marketing plan and presenting your home to potential buyers in as many places as possible, both online and off line."

Attracting buyers is vital for successful results, particularly when selling by auction. Trish has an 90% success rate when selling under the hammer, with an average selling time of 30 days.

By showcasing your home comprehensively, you can be sure of reaching prospective buyers. The right combination of marketing options will ensure significantly more buyers will be driven to view your property.



Research shows that homes advertised BOTH in print and online media:

  • Are more likely be sold than those using just one medium (in some areas as high as 34%)
  • Spend less time on the market
  • Discount their sale price less than homes advertised in just one medium

The days on the market, discount size and success rate varied market to market.

The market is made up of three kinds of people. Trish uses this knowledge to unlock the extra percent for vendors when it comes to the sale price.

  • Active buyers – these buyers use a combination of online and print media to find properties
  • People monitoring the market – print and letterbox drops are great for these buyers who are almost incidental, they see a home and fall in love with it.
  • Passive market watchers – print media is very powerful at uncovering these buyers. Instead of the buyer finding the property, the newspaper finds the buyer!

Professional photography

On average buyers visit six open homes per weekend and they’re always looking for a reason to not visit when finalising their list. Poor photography will not show your home to its best advantage and can result in poor visitor numbers to open homes. Trish is often contacted by vendors upset at low buyer numbers and poor open home attendance. She offers assistance to retrieve the situation and regularly gets better results than previous agents. 

Print advertising

Print media is very powerful at uncovering passive buyers. Instead of the buyer finding the property, the newspaper goes and finds the buyer. 24% of Trish's buyers will visit your open home because they’ve seen it in Western Homes.

The perceived value of a half page advertisement was 24% more than a quarter page, and a full page has a perceived value increase of 46% compared to the same home advertised in a quarter page advertisement.

Online listings

We will add a comprehensive listing of your home to Trade Me, Realestate & Harveys websites. 

Did you know that only 30% of people look further than the first page of real estate internet search results?

51% of Trish's buyers will find your property online! 




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