Discouraging Burglars

But as we start to venture out on getaways, burglars are coming out of their winter hibernation and scoping out easy opportunities around neighbourhoods.
LJ Hooker has prepared some common sense tips for home owners to consider before heading off on a getaway:
  • Cancel all regular deliveries such as newspapers as cluttered lawns and driveways are giveaways that owners aren’t home
  • Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out on your property and collect the mail (if you don’t feel comfortable with any neighbours, ask NZ Post to hold your mail until you return).
  • Make sure ladders and bins are secured and can’t be used by intruders to climb through windows or other entry points
  • Think about getting someone to tend to your garden and front lawn if you will be away for an extended period, especially as warmer weather increases growth
  • Keep valuables including spare house and car keys, jewellery and other items in a safe or somewhere other than the home
  • Time controlled switches are useful in creating the impression that someone is at home.